ICF/PMI Psychiatric Care

Improve the quality of life.

Pillar of Cedar Valley is a premier psychiatric inpatient facility in Waterloo, Iowa.  At Pillar of Cedar Valley, we work to improve the quality of life for our residents by offering an environment that encourages residents to undertake activities throughout the day that help them stay active, to be self-sufficient, and to improve upon their self-advocacy skills.

In our PMI unit, we specialize in the geriatric population (65 and older) experiencing chronic mental illness, dementia, and various behavioral health concerns that may have led to a mental health committal.

Pillar of Cedar Valley has a psychiatrist who evaluates each resident and their psychotropic medications regularly.  The psychiatrist works in partnership with the IMPACT Team – a team of physicians, ARNPs, and nurses who closely monitor the medical needs of each resident at least once every sixty days.

In addition to licensed nurses and caregivers the PMI Unit staffs a Director of Behavioral Health, a social worker, and a designated Recreation Aide to be available to assist in the various needs a resident may have.

Each resident on the PMI Unit has an Individualized Behaviorally-Based Program Plan written by the Director of Behavioral Health after the resident has resided on the unit for twenty-one days.  Care plans are written to focus on the person as an individual with unique strengths, abilities, activities of daily living, as well as psycho-social needs.  It is our belief that a holistic approach to meeting residents’ medical, physical, behavioral, and social needs is essential for overall well-being of each resident.

Dedicated staff are trained in CPI (Non-violent Crisis Prevention and Intervention) training to assist with diverse psycho-social needs with the overall goal of ensuring preservation of dignity and independence in our residents.