Our core value is putting people first.

  • A firm commitment to care for people the right way

  • Create distinct specializations that meet the specific needs of our residents

  • Engaging with our clinical and community partners to be uncompromisingly transparent and supportive

  • Our commitment to hiring highly qualified professionals is the cornerstone of our philosophy


  • We provide quality resident-centered care.
  • We partner with our community to help persons with mental illness and intellectual disabilities.
  • We offer round the clock nursing care and rehabilitation.
  • We ensure that our community is safe for all residents.
  • We develop and implement treatment plans for each resident to fit their specific needs.


Our vision is to be a premier psychiatric health facility that serves our community and the State of Iowa, provide education and life skills to aid our residents in returning to their community safely, and to provide a safe and comfortable environment for residents who choose to live in our community. We strongly believe that individuals who suffer from mental illness or intellectual disabilities also have a right to quality care.